Junior Cert Science - Biology - The Cellcell

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   activities      brain      cells      cellulose      chlorophyll      chloroplasts      cytoplasm      digestive      membrane      muscle      nucleus      organ      sap      system      tissue      vacuole      wall   
All living things are made of . Animal cells consist of cytoplasm, cell membrane and . Plant cells have a cell , a cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus. The differences between plant cells and animal cells is that plant cells have a cell wall, and large while animal cells have no cell wall, no chloroplasts and have small vacuoles. The of the cell are controlled by the nucleus. The cell controls what substances enter and leave the cell. The watery fluid containing food, minerals and dissolved salts is known as the . Chloroplasts contain necessary for photosynthesis. The vacuole is a space in the cell containing cell . The cell wall supports the cell. It is made of .
A is a group of similar cells with the same function e.g. nerve tissue, tissue
Many different tissues working together is known as an e.g. heart, . A group of organs is known as a , e.g. system, nervous system.