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   acid      buildings      destruction      dispose      environment      farmland      fish      fossil      fuels      landfill      management      pesticides      plastic      reducing      slurry      water   
Conservation is the protection and of our natural resources.
Pollution is the adding of harmful waste into the .
There are three types of pollution: air, soil and pollution.
Air pollution is mainly caused by the burning of fuels which releases carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the air which dissolve in rain to form rain.
Soil pollution is caused by , fertilizers and acid rain.
Water pollution is caused by the run-off of fertilizers from , sewage, and litter.
Acid rain kills , damages plants and erodes .
Waste management is the way in which we of our waste safely. The main ways of disposing waste are , incineration and recycling.
Humans can have a positive effect on the environment by CFCs, reducing the use of bags and recycling. Humans can have a negative effect on the environment by pollution, habitat and excess burning of fossil .