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   0      7      acidic      base      blue      carbon      colour      higher      indicator      less      litmus      magnesia      milk      neutral      neutralisation      opposites      oven      red      rhubarb      salt      stronger      Universal   
Acids are a group of chemicals that turn litmus . Everyday acids include sour , lemon juice and .
Bases are the chemical of acids. A solution of a turns red litmus blue. Everyday bases include washing soda, milk of , and cleaner.
A base that is soluble in water is called an alkali.
A substance is neither acidic nor basic. lt does not change the colour of .
Litmus is an because it has different colours in an acid and in a base.
The pH scale runs from to 14 and it measures the strength of an or basic solution. A neutral substance has a pH of . Acids have a pH of than 7 and the lower the value the the acid. Bases have a pH greater than 7 and the the value the stronger the base.
indicator is used to measure the pH of a solution because it has a different at each pH value.
A reaction will occur when an acid and base react to form a and water. An acid and a carbonate will react to form a salt, water and dioxide.