Junior Cert Science - Chemical Bonding

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   atoms      bonds      compounds      covalent      eight      full      gases      helium      ionic      lithium      molecules      noble      Octet      stable   
Elements can combine together to form . We can also say that atoms can combine to form . The forces of attraction that hold together in a molecule are called chemical . There are basically two types of bond. One of them consists of atoms sharing electrons between them. This type of bond is called a bond. The other type of bond is called an bond where electrons are transferred from one atom to another. When atoms combine, they try to achieve the gas configuration of electrons in their outer shell. This is known as the rule. The noble gases have outer shells and are very . Elements which do not have a full outer shell react in order to fill it and become stable like the noble . Hydrogen and are two exceptions to this rule. When they react, they try to get the nearest noble gas () configuration of two electrons in their outer shells.