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An atom with an electrical chargeion
Group of elements that need one electron to achieve a stable electron structurehalogens
The force of attraction between ions of opposite chargeionic bond
Family of elements with a stable electron structurenoble gases
A compound containing an ionic bondmagnesium oxide
Group of elements that tend to lose two electrons to achieve a stable electron structurealkaline earth metals
A property of ionic compoundshigh melting points and soluble in water
The charge on the sodium ion in sodium chloride+1
The type of bond between unlike charges in a compoundionic
Example of a negative ionchloride ion
The charge on the magnesium ion in magnesium chloride+2
Example of a positive ioncalcium ion
The number of electrons that the oxygen atom needs to completely fill its outer shell2
This type of compound is usually soluble in water and consists of a giant latticeionic compound
The bond usually formed between a metal and a non-metalionic
Another name for an atom that has gained one electronnegative ion
A three dimensional repeating structurelattice
The number of chlorine atoms that will bond to a magnesium atom2
The charge on the oxide ion in MgO-2