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   compress      Condensation      container      Diffusion      flow      gases      liquid      mass      Melting      random      shape      solid      temperature      three      volume   
Matter is anything which occupies space and has . There are states of matter. These are solids, liquids and . In a solid the particles are packed together in a regular structure with a fixed . Solids have definite shape, definite , difficult to compress and cannot . In a the particles have no regular arrangement so they can flow but they are still quite closely packed together. Liquids have a definite volume, no definite shape, hard to and can flow. Gas particles are very far apart with no regular arrangement and moving in motion. Gases have no definite shape, no definite volume, easy to compress and take the shape of their . is the spreading out of the particles of a liquid or gas in their container. point is the temperature at which a solid changes into a liquid. Boiling point is the at which a liquid changes into a gas. is the changing of a gas into a liquid. The changing of a liquid into a is known as freezing.