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Electronics is the branch of concerned with the design of circuits using diodes, transistors and . A microchip is a tiny device made of silicon or which can contain many . They use very small amounts of , and can be found in virtually every electrical, from spacecraft to watches.
One of the simplest electronic components is the . This allows current to flow in direction only. When current flows through a diode, it is said to be biased. When no current can flow, it is said to be biased. A diode is forward biased when its anode is connected to the terminal of the power supply.
A diode that gives off light is called a light diode (LED). These are used as power , clocks, displays, traffic lights and car lights. LEDs use a lot less current than a . A large current would damage a LED, so a is placed in series with it.
The LDR is a resistor whose resistance decreases when the light falling on it . The current passing through it will increase which will allow it to on a device. The LDR is used as a switch in street lamps and burglar , and it is also used in light meters for