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A force is anything that can an object such as a or a pull. Force is measured in (N). This unit is called after Newton. Forces cannot be , but their effects can.
A force can cause a object to move or cause a moving object to change its . There are many different types of forces such as stretching, compression, weight, friction and magnetic force. Forces are measured in the laboratory using a spring balance or a newton .

is a force that tries to prevent objects from passing smoothly over each other. It occurs where two objects are in . Friction can prevent a car engine from freely. It can also cause the moving parts to up. That's why cars use lubricants such as , to help keep the parts moving freely. To reduce friction, wheels are often mounted on ball , or oil is used to make moving parts more slippery.
Friction can also be quite . It allows shoes and tyres to the ground. It is also useful in systems of cars and other forms of transport.