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Weight is a very important . It is measured in . It is caused by the force of acting on an object. The weight of an object is the force that the exerts on it. Gravity acts towards the of the earth. The weight of an object from place to place. On earth it is greatest at the , and is least at the . This is due to the poles being and the equator bulging in shape. On the moon, the weight of an object is one that on earth, while in outer space everything is .
The weight of an object is related to its . On earth, the mass in kilograms multiplied by will give you the weight of the object in newtons. A boy of mass 55 kilograms will weigh newtons, whereas a woman whose weight is 720 newtons has a mass of kilograms. One kilogram will have a weight of newtons.
The mass of an object does change whereas its weight varies from place to place.