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InsulatorA substance which does not allow charge to flow through them
ConductorA substance which allows charge to flow through it
Electric CurrentA flow of electric charge
EarthingConnecting an object to the earth so that it loses its charge
Electric CurrentA flow of electric charge
Electromotive ForceThe pull on electrons in a circuit
ResistanceThe opposition to flow of electricity in a device
Ohm's LawThe voltage is proportional to the current in a circuit
FuseA safety device containing a wire designed to melt and break a circuit under abnormally high electric loads
Direct CurrentCurrent that flows in one direction only around a circuit
Alternating CurrentCurrent that is constantly changing direction in a circuit
Kilowatt-hourThe amount of energy used when one kilowatt of power is used in one hour
DiodeA device that allows current to flow in one direction only
LEDA diode that emits light when electric current passes through it
LDRA variable resistor whose resistance varies depending on the light falling on it
ResistorA device used to control the the amount of current flowing in a circuit
SwitchA device for making or breaking a circuit
Magnetic FieldThe space around a magnet where a magnetic force can be detected