Physics - Heat Transfer

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   absorbers      atmosphere      constant      convection      electromagnetic      fluid      low      medium      metre      movement      substance   
Heat travels from one place to another by conduction, and radiation. Conduction is the way in which heat travels through a from one particle to the next with no overall of the substance.
The U-value of a substance is the heat energy lost per second through one square when the temperature difference between its end is 1 K. A good insulator has a U-value.
Convection is the transfer of heat through a by the movement of heated particles. Convection takes place in water by currents.
Radiation is the transfer of heat energy from one place to another by means of waves. Radiation does not require a .
Dark surfaces are better radiators and of heat than bright surfaces.
The solar is the average amount of the Sun's energy per second falling normally on 1 m2 of the earth’s . This value is about 1.35 x 103 W/m2.