Physics - Reflection of Light

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Light is a form of which travels at a speed of 3 x 108 m/s.
occurs when light bounces off an object.
There are laws of reflection. These are:
The angle of incidence (i) is equal to the angle of (r), and the incident ray, the and the reflected ray are all in the same plane.
A real image is formed by the actual of light rays. It can be formed on a screen and is always .
A virtual image is formed by the apparent intersection of rays. It cannot be formed on a screen and is always erect.
A concave mirror forms a virtual image when the object is the focus. Concave mirrors are used in car headlamps, as shaving mirrors and by dentists to see a image of teeth.
The concave mirror formula is 1/f = + 1/v.
A convex mirror always forms a image, diminished in size and the mirror.
Convex mirrors give a field of view and are used as rear-view and side mirrors in cars, shops and at dangerous .
The convex mirror formula is = 1/u - 1/v.