Physics - Electromagnetism

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   ampere      centre      current      density      flux      force      forefinger      left      magnetic      metre      motion      newton      north      parallel      perpendicular      speed      tesla   
A current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field experiences a , except when the conductor is to the magnetic field. The direction of the force is to the current, and also perpendicular to the field.
Fleming's -hand rule states that the thumb, forefinger and finger are held at right angles to each other, such that the points in the direction of the magnetic field, and the centre finger pointing in the the direction of the flowing, then the thumb points in the direction of the caused.
The magnetic flux is a vector whose magnitude equals the force experienced by a conductor of length one , carrying a current of one amp at right angles to the magnetic field and in the direction that a pole would take if placed at that point. The unit of magnetic flux density is the .
The magnetic flux density is one tesla when a current of one flowing through a conductor of length one metre in a magnetic field produces a force of one .
If a charged particle enters a magnetic field at right angles to it and at a constant , it follows a circular path.
Magnetic flux density is the magnetic per unit area at right angles to the direction of the magnetic field lines.