Physics - Linear Motion

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   Acceleration      direction      distance      gravity      line      metres      scalar      scaler      second      slope      speed      squared      straight      timer      travelled      vector      velocity   
Distance is a scalar quantity measured in . Displacement is the distance of a body from a fixed point in a given and, thus is a vector.
Speed is the rate of change of with respect to time and is measured in metres per . Speed is a . Velocity is speed in a given direction, and is a .
If a body is moving in a straight line without speeding up or slowing down, it has a constant .
Velocity may be measured in a laboratory using a ticker tape and . Alternatively it may be measured with a light gate and timer.
When an object is travelling at a steady speed, its shape on a distance-time graph is a line, and the slope of the graph is equal to its .
is rate of change of velocity with respect to time. The unit of acceleration is the metre per second . When a body is moving with constant acceleration, its velocity-time graph is a straight . The area under this graph is equal to the distance , and its is equal to its acceleration.
Near the earth's surface all bodies fall downwards with an acceleration of 9.8 m/s2. This is called acceleration due to .