Physics - Sound

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   amplitude      antinode      bel      diffracted      frequency      intensity      length      longtitudinal      mass      meter      metre      multiples      nodes      overtones      quality      Resonance      tension      three      travelling      vibrations      watt   
Sound is caused by . It travels as a wave and needs a medium. Sound can be reflected, refracted and .
Sound depends upon characteristics: pitch, loudness and .
The pitch of a note depends on the . The loudness depends on the . The quality depends upon the fundamental frequencies and present.
Harmonics are frequencies that are of the fundamental frequency.
is the transfer of energy between two bodies of the same natural frequency.
The threshold of hearing is the smallest sound which can be detected by the human ear at a frequency of 1 kHz.
Sound intensity levels may be measured with a sound level .
The fundamental frequency occurs in a string when it is vibrating with an at its centre and only two , one at either end of the string.
The fundamental frequency depends on the of the string, the in the string and the per unit length.
Sound intensity is the energy per second flowing through one square held at right angles to the direction in which the sound is .
The unit of sound intensity is the per square metre.
The is the relative change in intensity between two sounds if the intensity of one is 10 times the intensity of the other.