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   animals      bar      environmental      intensity      key      map      North      pitfall      pooter      quadrat      table      thermometer      transect   
A habitat is a place where a community of plants and live.
Before studying the habitat, a simple should be drawn showing the direction facing .
The temperature of the air and soil should be taken with a , and a light meter will record the light .
These are the factors.
A trap should have been left out the evening before to trap any small animals that may have fallen in during the night.
A , a sweep net and a beating tray may be used to collect insects and small animals.
A should be randomly placed around the habitat and the plants inside it recorded in a .
The percentage frequency of each plant should be displayed on a chart.
A line should be set up across the habitat which shows how plants change across it.
Plants and animals found should be identified using an identification guide or a .