Assigning Oxidation Numbers

TIMED Matching Quiz
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Match each pair by selecting correct answer from the dropdown menu.
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Hydrogen in HBr
Sodium in NaCl
Oxygen in H2O
Oxygen in H2O2
Oxygen in O2
Potassium in K
Sulfur in H2SO4
Oxygen in NaOH
Chlorine in Cl-
Magnesium in MgO
Phosphorous in H3PO4
Manganese in KMnO4
Oxygen in Na2O2
Carbon in C6H12O6
Hydrogen in NaH
Hydrogen in CaH2
Nitrogen in NO3-
Oxygen in OF2
Sulfur in Na2S4O6
Chromium in Cr2O72-
Chlorine in ClO3-