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   carbonyl      carboxylic      cyclohexane      double      group      hydrocarbon      hydrogen      methanal      miscible      polar      polymers      primary   
Aldehydes are compounds i.e. they have a carbon-oxygen bond which is at its end.
All aldehydes contain the -CHO and are named with the ending -al.
Aldehydes are formed by the oxidation of alcohols.
Further oxidation causes the aldehyde to form a acid.
The simplest aldehyde is .
Aldehydes are found in nature and they are used as solvents in the manufacture of .
The carbonyl group contains a bond which has a significant effect on the physical properties.
The polar carbonyl group also causes smaller aldehydes to be with water.
This is because water forms bonds with the carbonyl group.
The larger aldehydes are much less soluble in water due to the increasing size of the part of the molecule.
Aldehydes are soluble in non-polar solvents such as .